Our Team

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  • Yegor Chemyakin

Yegor started his career back in 2007 by managing the professional lives of different players. In 2009 he became 1st ever FIBA certified basketball agent in Ukraine. It took just eight years for him to build a strong reputation in multi-sports management department; basketball being one integral part of his professional portfolio. At present, Yegor Chemyakin’s company provides sports management and marketing services to some of the high caliber players in handball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, football and other sports.

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  • Dima Palijchuk

Dima joined to the New Trend Agency in 2013. Working with New Trend Agency’s well-established reputation and professional contacts, his primary roles include client recruiting, contract negotiation, and strategic guidance and management for male and female clients. During his career Dima has been a succesfull agent in placing players in most countries in Europe such as Russia, Italy, Turkey, Spain, France, Germany, Lithuania, Romania, Finland, Austria, Hungary, Estonia, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden, Iceland, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Norway.

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  • Sergey Cherkasov

The youngest member of NTA, Sergey began his way into sport as a journalist and blogger. His communication skills helped him to make a lot of interviews with many athletes from different countries. This experience serving him well in finding a common language with players and club executives. Later, at the age of 20, Sergey became a basketball broadcaster. In 2013 he started to work as a GM of one of the most successful basketball clubs in Ukraine - Ferro-ZNTU. Joined New Trend Agency in 2015. Speaks Ukrainian, Russian and English.