Akaki Dvalishvili


Full Name:   Akaki Dvalishvili   Born:   1991
Height:   206 cm / 6'9   Citizenship:   Georgia
Weight:   100 kg / 220 lbs   Team:   Kutaisi (Georgia) (2017-19)
Position:   4/5      






Akaki Dvalishvili  thrives off his versatility that allows him to maneuver from any position in the post ... Shows the ability to turn over either shoulder with his back to the basket, making tough fadeaway jumpers look routine ... Possesses advanced ball-skills, both at the high and low post ... Extremely efficient scoring around the rim, showing an excellent touch and high awareness of his defender's positioning.

Georgian National Team -12-14, 17-18


Full game 2017-2018

Kutaisi vs Marneuli 24.03.2018                                                                                                       Kutaisi vs Delta 27.01.2018


green#21  20-PTS; 10-RT; 1-AS; 1-ST;                                                                                           green# 21    15-PTS; 6-RT; 1-AS;


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