Jawan Davis

Height: 184 cm / 6'1
Weight: 83 kg / 182.6lbs
Position: 1
Born: 1989
Citizenship: USA
Team: Terme Olimia (Slovenia) (2020)

Jawan is a tough natural Leader PG with high basketball IQ making him a great floor general. He has blazing speed/quickness making him always an offensive threat and is known for being a defensive stopper. On offense he uses speed for change of direction, mismatches for slower players to create any shot, and puts pressure on defense with fast break situations. On defense he uses this to harass players, be pesky getting numerous steals & disrupting offense with full court pressure every play. Shoots the 3 really well from any situation and is great with making plays from pick and roll. Mid range is his best game. Plays with passion and heart while being a true professional with work ethic every day.

Highlights 2019

Highlights 2018

Highlights 2018

FULL GAMES 2018-2019

Politekhnik vs Mykolaiv 17.01.2019

red #6

25 – PTS

4 – RT

3 – AS

5 – ST

Politekhnik vs Zaporizhye 09.11.2018

white #6

17 – PTS

6 – RT

7 – AS

1 – ST