Kresimir Basic

Position: Coach
Born: 1975
Citizenship: Croatian
Team: Etzella (Luxembourg) (2017-19)

Basketball Fanatic. Young coach, but has already acquired a respected name in Europe. Kresimir is a hard working, motivating and enthusiastic coach who is always pushing his teams to the best results no matter what individual stars and names he is working with. He knows how to play a modern and attractive basketball with strong and aggressive defense as a base together with lots of transition offense and easy points. He is always paying attention to young players in a way of their individual development. Beside the court is Kresimir using modern tools for scouting and team briefings. He is using his expertise to teach in several basketball clinics for coaches and basketball camps all over the Europe. Kresimir loves to face vast challenges and accomplish ultimate goals through his workaholic and passionate approach.