Denis Ikovlev


Full Name:   Denis Ikovlev   Born:   1986
Height:   200 cm / 6'7   Citizenship:   Ukraine / USA
Weight:   98 kg / 215.6lbs   Team:   Ventspils (Latvia) (2018)
Position:   3/4      


A quick forward, with a good first step. He shoots so well from outside and can go inside beating any opponent. During his college days, he dramatically improved his defense and this made him a true defensive specialist, who reads the game very well and can change a game with two or three decisive steals.






Full game 2017-18 Champions League

Capo d'Orlando  vs Ludwigsburg 06.02.2018 

blue #33  15-PTS; 2-RT; 1-AS; 2-ST;

Full game 2017-18

Dinamo Sassari vs Capo d'Orlando 12.11.2017                                                                            Capo d'Orlando vs Fiat Torino 29.10.2017


#33 in blue 19-PTS; 4-RT; 3-AS                                                                                                     #33 in blue 14-PTS; 7-RT; 3-AS

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