Dmytro Tykhonov


Full Name:   Dmytro Tykhonov   Born:   1992
Height:   205 cm / 6'8   Citizenship:   Ukraine
Weight:   118 kg / 260lbs   Team:   Artsakh (Armenia-League A) (2018)
Position:   5/4      


National Team U18, U20.Very versatile player.Can do everything, shooting from 3-5metres, penetrating, dunking or his best play: dribbling and scoring in front of his opponent. True power player that can rebound well, use his strength to get position and score not only by his moves, but by his strength. Not bad of an athlete either and has the ability to run the floor.




Full game - season 2016-17

SC Kryvbas vs Dnipro 25.11.2016                                                                                                               SC Kryvbas vs Avantazh-Polit. 11.12.2016


white# 13-PTS; 11-RT; 1-BS; 1-ST;                                                                                                           Red# 15   18-PTS; 8-RT; 2-AS; 

Full game - season 2015-16


SC Kryvbas vs Infiz Basket 27.01.2016                                                                                                       SC Kryvbas vs Khimik 19.03.2016


Black #15   14-PTS; 5-RT; 1-ST; for 12min                                                                                              White#15   15-PTS; 3-RT; 1-ST;

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