Igor Krivtsov


Full Name:   Igor Krivtsov   Born:   1986
Height:   204 cm / 6'8   Citizenship:   Ukraine
Weight:   103 kg / 227lbs   Team:   SC Prometey (Ukraine) (2018-19)
Position:   4      


Shows good mobility running the court. Tough nosed player who fights hard every game. Does an excellent job of obtaining space in the post where he gets his body wide for guards to make easy passes. Post footwork, shooting touch and soft hands enable him to convert most opportunities in the paint.






Full game 2017-18

Bipa Basket vs Mykolaiv 21.01.2018                                                                                              Bipa Basket vs Dnipro 16.02.2018


Yellow# 17  16-PTS; 6-RT; 1-AS; 1-ST;                                                                                           Yellow # 17  14-PTS; 8-RT;


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