Igor Zaytsev


Full Name:   Igor Zaytsev   Born:   1989
Height:   210 cm / 6'11   Citizenship:   Ukraine
Weight:   108 kg / 238lbs   Team:   Taiwan Beer (Taiwan) (2018-19)
Position:   4/5      


Igor Zaytsev  pos 4/5– member of Ukrainian NT, Eurobasket and World cup experience


Modern day Power forward/Center with excellent touch from any distance. Has a great length and mobility.

He is a competitor, battles at all times to establish post position and is very active. His motor is excellent and he shows it by running the floor as well as anyone in the country. Around the basket he is very active and he knows how to move without the ball to get to open spaces. Has been the beneficiary of some great passes, but a lot of it has to do with his ability to read the action as well as being able to catch pretty much any pass that is thrown his way


Ukrainian National Team -10, 12-13-18





Full game - season 2017-18

Ukraine vs Sweden 26.02.2018 (World Cup)

white#14  13-PTS; 4-RT; 1-BS; for 14 min

Rosa Radom vs AEK 01.11.2017 (Champions League)                                                                Rosa vs Umana Reyer Venezia 09.01.2018 (Champions League)

blue#14  21-PTS; 6-RT; 1-BS;                                                                                                       White#14  20-PTS; 7-RT; 1-AS; 1-BS;

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