Kervin Bristol


Full Name:   Kervin Bristol   Born:   1988
Height:   207 cm / 6'9   Citizenship:   USA / Haitian
Weight:   105 kg / 235lbs   Team:   Vytautas (Lithuania) (2018-18)
Position:   5      


Kervin is amazing athlete who knows how to do his job under the rim. His main attribute is the propensity to grab rebounds: he has strong instincts for this part of the game. Due to his athleticism and a strong body he can play on a very high level. He is smart bigman who knows how to play pick and roll, he sets perfect screens, he is a great defender and can score in the paint from mid range as well.  Became #1  rebounder in VTB  league before he left Russia and was one of the best by blocks and efficiency. He set a new record of 19 rebounds in VTB league against Lokomotiv Kuban. Top defender and super team player.

Kervin has Haitian passport and he can be like Cotonou player in Italy and Spain.


Full games season 2016-17

Oradea vs Kataja Basket 18.01.2017 (Basketball Champions League)                                           Salon Vilpas vs Kataja Basket 02.05.2017


Blue #6  8-PTS; 9-RT; 1-AS; 2-BS; 1-ST;                                                                                                 dark blue #6   23-PTS; 10-RT; 2-BS; 1-ST;


Full games season 2015-16

Anwil vs Start Lublin 24.04.2016                                                                                                              Polpharma vs Anwil  14.03.2016


White#7 16-PTS; 13-RT; 1-BS;                                                                                                                 Blue#7   7-PTS; 12-RT; 2-AS; 4-BS;

Full games season 2014-15

                         Le Mans vs Dijon 11.04.2015                                                                                             Krilya-Tsmoki 14/10/2014


 #14 black    21-PTS; 6-RT; 1-AS;                                                                                                               Kervin Bristol #33 White  10PTS; 13RT; 6BS;

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