Maks Adam Konate


Full Name:   Maks Adam Konate   Born:   1991
Height:   200 cm / 6'7   Citizenship:   Ukraine
Weight:   102 kg / 220.2lbs   Team:   Cherkasy (Ukraine) (2018)
Position:   4      


Maks is a tremendous athlete with a good package of skills. Due to his hard work ethic he became a star in Ukraine this season because of his coach Kiril Bolshakov which joined recently VTB team in Russia Krasny Oktyabr.  He has a nice face-up game to go along with a post game. Top rebounder, scorer and warrior who is not afraid of contact and is able to play a physical game with a serious defence on both ends of the court.






Full game season 2015-2016

Krasny Oktyabr vs Hapoel J-M  16.12.2015  (Eurocup)

white #33   18-PTS; 10-RT; 2-AS;

Full game

Ferro-ZNTU vs Budivelnyk 19.10.2014                                                                 BC Kyiv vs Ferro-ZNTU 17.12.2014


 28-PTS; 15-RT; 2-AS; 2-ST; 1-BS;                                                                                          25-PTS; 9-RT; 1-AS; 2-ST;


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